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Questions regarding Terhills Resort

What is the difference between Terhills Resort and other Center Parcs holiday villages?

Terhills Resort by Center Parcs is distinct from other Center Parcs villages in several ways. With only 250 cottages, the resort is smaller scale than other Center Parcs villages. It is all about a premium experience, which is why all accommodations are detached and stylishly furnished. There is also a fine-dining restaurant with gorgeous views over the lake. Nature is central to everything we do at the resort. This is reflected in the interiors and the activities available, such as the many nature activities and workshops. More than at Center Parcs, the resort's immediate environment plays an important role. The resort forms a gateway to a national park in Belgium and there are facilities immediately adjoining the park to waterski, shop, and relax in a luxury wellness centre. Certain characteristic Center Parcs elements such as the Aqua Mundo and the Market Dome are not present at the resort. It does have a swimming pool (see question 2) and a Country Club (see question 3). Terhills Resort has no Friends benefits.

Is there an Aqua Mundo in the resort?

There is no Aqua Mundo in Terhills Resort. There is a swimming pool, the Aqua Garden, where you can take an easy dip and relax. The Aqua Garden has an inner pool with a rapid current, outer pool, whirlpool bath and a children's pool. There are no water slides or wild water river.

Is there a Market Dome in the resort?

There is no tropical Market Dome in Terhills Resort. However, there is a Country Club: a beautiful building with a panoramic view over the lake where all the central facilities converge. The Country Club has a fine-dining restaurant with a heated patio, a small supermarket, an indoor playground, a Kids Club, a workshop room, the Cycle Center and the reception.

What other products and activities are offered?

There is plenty to do at the resort for all ages. There is an indoor playground, a children's farm, a mini-golf course and a diverse array of workouts, workshops and nature activities. There are also electric boats for hire that can be taken onto the lake from the central facilities. A waterskiing course, wellness complex and a shopping outlet are available in the immediate area of the resort. You can also take delightful walks and bike rides in Hoge Kempen National Park.

Are all the activities in and around the resort included in the price?

Not all the activities in the resort and in the immediate area are included in the price. Some activities at the resort are included in the price, such as use of the Aqua Garden swimming pool. Guests can use the facilities in the area at reduced rates, such as the Terhills Cablepark and Elaisa Wellness (see also questions 13 and 14).

Is Terhills Resort suitable for children?

Yes, the resort is certainly suitable for children. For instance, there is a swimming pool and there are plenty of children's activities for all ages such as an indoor playground (see also question 4). Of course, the resort is also a superb destination for guests without children.

What types of accommodations are available in the resort?

Terhills Resort has cottages for 2 to 12 people. You can choose from the luxury classes VIP or Exclusive. All the cottages are detached and some cottages have their own docks, so you can take a hired electric boat to the lake and the Country Club from your accommodations.

Is an electric boat included with my accommodation?

No, the electric rental boat is not included with the accommodations. You can include a boat in your booking when reserving your stay. Please note: you can only reserve a boat if you book a cottage with its own dock (see question 9). No personal boats, SUP-boards or inflatable equipment are allowed on the lake. Inflatable material in the swimming zone is allowed at green flag and if it's not bigger than 1 metre.

Do all the cottages have their own docks?

The VIP Lakeside and Exclusive Lakeside cottages all have their own docks. Some other cottages also have docks. These must be booked using location preference.

Does the resort have wheelchair accessible cottages?

Wheelchair friendly (accessible) cottages are available for 4 and 6 people.

Is free Wi-Fi available in the resort?

Free basic Wi-Fi is available in Terhills Resort.

Are pets allowed in the resort?

Pets are permitted in certain cottages: one pet in the 2-person cottages and two pets in the 4, 6, 8 and 12-person cottages. You can select a pet when making a booking. 

Pets are not allowed in the central facilities, with the exception of assistance dogs. Dogs must be on a leash outside the cottages.

Is breakfast service included in a stay?

Breakfast service is not included in Terhills Resort. Guests can purchase a delicious breakfast in the Country Club.

Do all cottages have a sauna?

The Exclusive and Exclusive Lakeside cottages have a sauna. These are outdoor saunas (infrared cabin). The VIP cottages do not have a sauna.

What are the culinary options in the resort?

The Country Club has a fine-dining restaurant where guests can go at any time of the day. From breakfast to lunch, dinner and drinks. The heated patio offers a spectacular view over the lake and inside there is a fine bar and lounge with a hearth fire. Guests can go to the small supermarket for fresh bread and the key necessities for the cottage.

Are there shops in the resort?

A small supermarket is provided in the Country Club. Guests can come here for fresh bread and the key necessities for the cottage. There are no other shops in the Country Club. Extensive shopping is available in the nearby Maasmechelen Village.

Does the resort have wellness facilities and are packages available?

Elaisa Wellness is located within walking distance of the resort: an exquisite wellness complex that includes ten saunas and four pools. Guests can include a package when booking their stay and benefit from a favourable price.

Are personal flotation devices permitted on the lake?

No personal boats, SUP-boards or inflatable equipment are allowed on the lake. Inflatable material is allowed in the swimming zone when the green flag is shown and if it is no bigger than 1 metre.
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