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What is the check-out-time?

We kindly request you to leave your cottage before 10h00 on Monday to Saturday and before 12h00 on Sundays*.

You can still enjoy all our activities and facilities on the day of departure: Aqua Mundo, BALUBA, playgrounds and restaurants. When leaving the village, hand in your keys or digital bracelet. 

*This time on Sunday may vary. Check your booking confirmation for the time that applies to you.

Is there a free car park during my stay?

For all parks (except Landes de Gascogne) - free parking :

• You will be able to park your car in front of the cottage only during loading/unloading of the trunk only upon your arrival and departure. For the rest of the stay, the car must remain parked at the nearest (free) parking. At Parc Sandur (NL) you are allowed to park one car next to the cottage. Free parking for other cars is available at the entrance of the park. 

• The car parks are designed to accommodate your personal vehicles as well as vans for up to 9 people.

Exception : people with reduced mobility can leave their car in the baggage unloading area closest to their accommodation, upon presentation of a disability card. People suffering from a temporary disability may also benefit from exceptional authorization, which will be issued by the park upon arrival.

Additionally, if you stay in a hotel room at the Park Zandvoort (NL) hotel, you will have to pay 10€ for parking per night.


Particularities for the Landes de Gascogne :

• The park is 100% pedestrian to allow you to live a unique Center Parcs experience, where nature takes over: visitors will therefore have to leave their vehicles upon arrival in a car park located outside the park.

• The number of vehicles authorized depends on the capacity of your cottage (for example, for a cottage 4 people = 1 car, 6 people = 2 cars, 8 people (or more) = 3 cars). It is possible to come in more cars, but a supplement will be payable on arrival.

• Several solutions will be offered to you to bring your luggage to your cottage: self-service trolleys, a luggage delivery service to your cottage, or the possibility of renting an electric cart.


For day entries - paid parking :

Paid parking is provided at the entrance. The price depends on each park :

• For parks in the Netherlands : 6€/day, except for De Eemhof and Park Zandvoort (7,50€/day)

• For German parks: free except for Park Bostalsee (5€/day) and Bispinger Heide (4€/day).

• For Villages Nature Paris: 10€/day

• For Le Lac d’Ailette: 8€/day

• For other French parks: 7€/day

• For Belgian parks: 6€/day

What are the household rules?

In order to make a stay in the park as pleasant as possible for all guests, it is required that guests adhere to the rules of conduct as stated in the household rules, which may be requested from reception upon arrival.

Which documents do I require to check in?

Your e-ticket allows you to check in more quickly! Log in to My Center Parcs or on the Center Parcs app and check in online. Complete the form to generate your e-ticket (QR code), which you can present upon arrival directly from your phone. Your e-ticket is available as soon as you have fully paid for your holiday and have entered the data of fellow travelers. It's possible to do this 10 days before your stay at Center Parcs and 30 days before your stay at Villages Nature Paris.

Online check-in is mandatory in order to facilitate your arrival. If you have not been able to do so, our teams will welcome and help you.

Will there be fireworks on New Year's Eve?

To protect nature, Center Parcs has decided to make all our parks firework-free. There will be no fireworks shows and fireworks brought by yourself are not allowed in our parks either. However, we can't guarantee that there will actually be no fireworks during your stay.

Is there free Wi-Fi available in the parks?

Good news! In our parks, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

How do I book package deals, activities and services in the park?

Package deals, activities and services can be booked at the reception or the info point of the park.

Services and activities can also be booked in your personal space My Center Parcs and in the Center Parcs app. Activities can also be booked on site in the kiosk.

What is the check-in-time?

You can check in from 15h00 onwards for all parks in Belgium. For our parks in The Netherlands, Germany and France you can check in from 16h00 onwards.

On the day of your arrival, you can arrive on the park from 10 am to enjoy the park and all our activities. Don't worry, the guard post is open 24 hours a day to welcome you and give you your wristbands or keys.

Remember to enter an approximate time of arrival when you check in from our My Center Parcs application, to save time at the entrance to the site and enjoy your stay as soon as possible. You can check in online from 10 days before your arrival.

On some parks only, it is possible to take the "Early Check-in" option during the "Services" step before validating your basket. This will allow you to access the cottage from 1pm on the day of your arrival. This option is only available on the website or via our Customer Service when you make your reservation. It is not available on your My Center Parcs app.

Where can I find more information about Aqua Mundo?

Access and opening hours:
The Aqua Mundo (Aqua Garden for Terhills Resort), is an aquatic space consisting of multiple indoor and outdoor pools, wave pool, whirlpools, paddling pool, Water Playhouse, wild water river and several slides to delight young and old! Its access is included in all the stays or with the day tickets and it is open all year long*! No need to book to access it. 

*Except for exceptional total or partial closure. You can check these times on your My Center Parcs application.

Safety rules for children:
- Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and remain under the responsibility of the adult: Adults must therefore supervise these children at all times.- Children who do not know how to swim must wear a life jacket: life jackets for children from 1 to 12 years old are available free of charge, as well as large single or double buoys for some of the slides. - Baby parks are available in the locker rooms and around the pools of Aqua Mundo to put your baby down for a few moments if needed: this does not prevent them from remaining under the supervision of an adult at all times.

What to wear at Aqua Mundo?
All types of bathing suits are allowed (shorts, briefs, one-piece or two-piece bathing suits, burkini, etc.) and you do not need to wear a bathing cap. 

Is there an age limit to enter Aqua Mundo?
There is no age limit because there are pools for all ages: from the children's pool to the wave pool!For the slides, depending on the experience they offer, a minimum size will be specified at the entrance. Some activities may also be inadvisable for pregnant women or people with a weak heart: please respect these instructions carefully.
Is Aqua Mundo adapted to people with reduced mobility?
Yes, these aquatic areas are adapted to people with reduced mobility with changing rooms and wider entrances.In addition, all areas have a ramp to get into the water as well as adapted chairs (you must indicate this at the reception desk in order to be able to change your chair at the changing room). An adapted chair is not available in Park De Haan (BE). Access to at least one indoor pool and a rest area (with chairs) is always available.
What are the paid activities availables?
You can also take advantage of à la carte activities for young and old alike, such as baby swimming classes, sports classes (aquagym, aquabike), pool parties, etc. You can book these activities in advance by going to your personal space My Center Parcs.

Is it possible to have lunch at the Aqua Mundo?
Yes, you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the Aqua Mundo while having lunch: we offer salads, sandwiches, snacks (nuggets/fries for example), Ciabattas, desserts, granities, drinks etc... However, it is forbidden to bring your own food to picnic in the Aqua Mundo.

Is there a bread service available?

Yes, Center Parcs offers different Breakfast Delivery Packages in our Dutch, Belgian and German parks (except Terhills Resort (BE) and Park Nordseeküste (DE)). This is a complete Breakfast Package, delivered to the cottage. You can easliy add this service when you make your reservation.

In which parks will I receive a digital bracelet and what can I use it for?

In Het Heijderbos (NL), Park Zandvoort (NL), De Eemhof (NL), De Kempervennen (NL), De Huttenheugte (NL), Het Meerdal (NL), Erperheide (B), Terhills Resort (B), Park De Haan (B), De Vossemeren (B), Le Lac d'Ailette (F), Les Trois Forêts (F), Villages Nature Paris (F), Les Bois-Francs (F), Les Landes de Gascogne (F), Le Bois aux Daims (F), Park Allgäu (D), Bispinger Heide (D), Park Eifel (D), Park Nordseeküste (D) and Park Hochsauerland (D) you will receive a digital bracelet upon arrival in the park. This bracelet gives you access to your accommodation, the Aqua Mundo and the lockers in Aqua Mundo. Furthermore, you can use the bracelet for the digital vouchers for packages and activities.

Whom do I contact when I have a complaint while currently staying at Center Parcs?

We find it very unfortunate that your stay is not as expected. Naturally, we would like to help you. We ask you to go to the reception of the park to report your dissatisfaction, or you can also use the WhatsApp service, available in all parks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (except Parc Sandur). We will do our utmost to create good memories of your stay.

From what time/until what time can I use the facilities on the day of arrival and departure?

You can enjoy a full day at Center Parcs, even before your cottage is available, or after you’ve handed in your cottage key or digital bracelet: All facilities in the park may be used from 10h00 on the day of your arrival, unless the park is temporarily closed prior to the start of your stay. We ask you to vacate your cottage before 10h00 on the day of departure for cleaning, but all facilities in the park may still be enjoyed for the remainder of that day, unless the park is temporarily closed after the end of your stay.

Whom do I contact if I have a complaint after my stay at Center Parcs?

We are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations. The staff at the park do their best to make all guest feels at ease. Nevertheless, it is possible that you have a complaint. Center Parcs seeks for satisfied guests, experiencing pleasant moments in the parks. We would therefore like to deal with your complaint so that you can look back on your stay with a positive feeling. We kindly ask you to fill out the complaints form. You will receive a response from us within a period of 5 days.

Are there charging stations for electric cars?

In the following parks you can find charging stations to charge your electric cars. 

In The Netherlands:
• De Eemhof (24 charging possibilities) / Marina De Eemhof (6 charging possibilities)
• Het Heijderbos (32 charging possibilities)
• Park Zandvoort (8 charging possibilities) / Zandvoort hotel (4 charging possibilities)
• De Kempervennen (44 charging possibilities)
• Port Zélande (16 charging possibilities)
• De Huttenheugte (14 charging possibilities)
• Het Meerdal (8 charging possibilities)
• Limburgse Peel (6 charging possibilities)
• Parc Sandur (6 charging possibilities)

In Belgium:
• Park De Haan (8 charging possibilities)
• Les Ardennes (6 charging possibilities)
• De Vossemeren (24 charging possibilities)
• Erperheide (6 charging possibilities)
• Terhills Resort* (22 charging possibilities)

*At Terhills Resort Optiload charging stations are available. For more information, before and during your stay, about the charging stations, about rates, please visit https://optiloadenergy.eu/ or call +32 (0) 3 369 12 50. You can always check in the app of your e-mobility service provider whether you can charge at the charging stations of Terhills Resort. Remember to have your charge card activated for use abroad if you do not live in Belgium!

In Germany:
• Park Nordseeküste (4 charging possibilities)
• Bispinger Heide (4 charging possibilities)
• Park Bostalsee (8 charging possibilities)
• Park Eifel (4 charging possibilities)
• Park Allgäu (10 charging possibilities)
• Park Hochsauerland (4 charging possibilities)

In France:
• Les Trois Forêts (2 charging possibilities)
• Les Landes de Gascogne (10 charging possibilities)

How do I reserve a bicycle or mountain bike?

You can reserve a bicycle or mountain bike to ride around the park. You can do this directly when you book your cottage on the website (in the "Services & placement" section of your booking). 

You can also book them via My Center Parcs or the Center Parcs app. Prices vary depending on the means of transport you choose and the rental period. 

If you want to book on site, you can do so directly in the park at the Cycle Center. You can also bring your own bike if you want. 

It is important to note that wearing a bicycle helmet for kids up to 12 years is mandatory in France and strongly advised in our parks in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.  Helmets are available at the Cycle Center (rental or sales), but to guarantee availability we advise to bring your own helmet(s).

How do I use my Activity Credit from the Early Booking Discount?

For all reservations with the Early Booking Discount made after 16 April 2024, you will benefit from an "Activity Credit" worth 30€ for cottages up to 6 persons and 45€ for cottages as from 7 persons. This Activity Credit can be used during your stay. 

The Activity Credit is valid in all our parks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France (with the exception of Terhills Resort). 
From an extensive range of indoor and outdoor activities to adventurous cycling tours. Your stay is guaranteed to be unforgettable!
All activities are included except the Deep Nature® Spa, Gametown and restaurants.

How to use it
Upon arrival at the park, the amount will be loaded onto your digital bracelet and you can use it at the reception or at the kiosk (except for Les Hauts de Bruyères, Parc Sandur and Port Zélande, which do not yet have digital bracelets. So you can only use your credit at the reception in these parks). 
- All the activities and services vary by park and are subject to change.
- Activity Credit cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be refunded, even if unused.
- Activity Credit are for personal use and cannot be transferred.
- Activity credit are only valid for the booked stay.
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