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Last update: 1 April 2022

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Which documents do I require to check in?

Your e-ticket allows you to check in more quickly! Log in to My Center Parcs or on the Center Parcs app and check in online. Complete the form to generate your e-ticket (QR code), which you can present upon arrival directly from your phone. Your e-ticket is available as soon as you have fully paid for your holiday and have entered the data of fellow travelers. It's possible to do this 10 days before your stay at Center Parcs and 30 days before your stay at Villages Nature® Paris.

Online check-in is mandatory in order to facilitate your arrival. If you have not been able to do so, our teams will welcome and help you.

What is the check-in-time?

You can check in from 15h00 onwards for all parks in Belgium. For our parks in The Netherlands, Germany and France you can check in from 16h00 onwards.

From what time/until what time can I use the facilities on the day of arrival and departure?

You can enjoy a full day at Center Parcs, even before your cottage is available, or after you’ve handed in your cottage key or digital bracelet: All facilities in the park may be used from 10h00 on the day of your arrival, unless the park is temporarily closed prior to the start of your stay. We ask you to vacate your cottage before 10h00 on the day of departure for cleaning, but all facilities in the park may still be enjoyed for the remainder of that day, unless the park is temporarily closed after the end of your stay.

Is there a free car park during my stay?

There is! Please note that cars and other motorized vehicles are formally forbidden in the parks. Only unloading and loading of luggage are tolerated on arrival and departure days. At the entrance of the park, free parking is available to all Center Parcs guests.

However, people with reduced mobility are allowed to keep their car in front of their cottage, upon showing the disability card. Also, the persons who are temporary disabled can have an exceptional authorization. This will be arranged by the park upon arrival.

Is there free Wi-Fi available in the parks?

Free basic Wi-Fi available in:

• All cottages, apartments and the Market Dome of our parks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
• Villages Nature® Paris and all VIP- and Exclusive cottages in our parks in France
• Terhills Resort (B)

Free Streaming Wi-Fi available in:

• All hotel rooms in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
• VIP- and Exclusive cottages and apartments in our holiday parks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
• Marina Suites, Tree houses and Boathouses in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
• Terhills Resort (B)

More information about Wi-Fi

How do I book package deals, activities and services in the park?

Package deals, activities and services can be booked at the reception or the info point of the park.

Services and activities can also be booked in your personal space My Center Parcs and in the Center Parcs app. Activities can also be booked on site in the kiosk.

In which parks will I receive a digital bracelet and what can I use it for?

In Het Heijderbos (NL), Park Zandvoort (NL), De Eemhof (NL), De Kempervennen (NL), De Huttenheugte (NL), Het Meerdal (NL) (from 24-06), Erperheide (B), Terhills Resort (B), Park De Haan (B), Le Lac d'Ailette (F), Les Trois Forêts (F), Villages Nature® Paris (F), Les Bois-Francs (F), Le Bois aux Daims (F), Park Allgäu (D), Bispinger Heide (D) and Park Hochsauerland (D) you will receive a digital bracelet upon arrival in the park. This bracelet gives you access to your accommodation, the Aqua Mundo and the lockers in Aqua Mundo. Furthermore, you can use the bracelet for the digital vouchers for packages and activities.

Whom do I contact when I have a complaint while currently staying at Center Parcs?

We find it very unfortunate that your stay is not as expected. Naturally, we would like to help you. We ask you to go to the reception of the park to report your dissatisfaction, or you can also use the WhatsApp service, available in all parks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (except Parc Sandur). We will do our utmost to create good memories of your stay.

Whom do I contact if I have a complaint after my stay at Center Parcs?

We are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations. The staff at the park do their best to make all guest feels at ease. Nevertheless, it is possible that you have a complaint. Center Parcs seeks for satisfied guests, experiencing pleasant moments in the parks. We would therefore like to deal with your complaint so that you can look back on your stay with a positive feeling. We kindly ask you to fill out the complaints form. You will receive a response from us within a period of 5 days. 

What is the check-out-time?

We kindly request you to return your keys or digital bracelet before 10h00 from Monday to Saturday and 12h00 on Sundays.

Are there charging stations for electric cars?

In the following parks you can find charging stations to charge your electric cars. 

In The Netherlands:
• De Eemhof (8 charging possibilities)
• Het Heijderbos (6 charging possibilities)
• Park Zandvoort (8 charging possibilities)
• De Kempervennen (9 charging possibilities)
• Port Zélande (6 charging possibilities)
• De Huttenheugte (4 charging possibilities)
• Het Meerdal (4 charging possibilities)
• Limburgse Peel (3 charging possibilities)

In Belgium:
• Park De Haan (4 charging possibilities)
• Les Ardennes (2 charging possibilities)
• De Vossemeren (4 charging possibilities)
• Erperheide (6 charging possibilities)
• Terhills Resort (6 charging possibilities)

In Germany:
• Park Nordseeküste (4 charging possibilities)
• Bispinger Heide (4 charging possibilities)
• Park Bostalsee (4 charging possibilities)
• Park Eifel (4 charging possibilities)
• Park Allgäu (10 charging possibilities)
• Park Hochsauerland (4 charging possibilities)

In France:
• Les Trois Forêts (2 charging possibilities)
• Les Landes de Gascogne (12 charging possibilities)

What are the household rules?

In order to make a stay in the park as pleasant as possible for all guests, it is required that guests adhere to the rules of conduct as stated in the household rules, which may be requested from reception upon arrival.

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