Activities at Center Parcs

Aqua Mundo

Aqua Mundo is a tropical swimming paradise where you can find loads of exciting and relaxing water activities! Master our many slides, admire the exotic fish at the coral pool and visit our Spa & Wellness centre. And this without red eyes because at Center Parcs, we use 90% less chlorine in the water of our swimming pools.

Aqua Mundo
Wave pool Center Parcs

Wave pool

Let yourself be carried away by the rising waves of our wave pool.

Children's pool Center Parcs

Children's pool

A small pool with warm water and a mini-slide for lots of fun.

Wild Water River Center Parcs

Wild Water River

In a tropical setting, let yourself be swept along the river that will take you outdoors.

Lazy River Center Parcs

Lazy River

Watery fun guaranteed.

Snorkel Pool Center Parcs

Snorkel Pool

Put on your mask and snorkel, and explore the wonderful underwater world full of exotic fish.

Water Playhouse Center Parcs

Water Playhouse

Games, water cannons and a giant bucket that rocks with 900 liters of water!

Cool Factor: Wild Water rafting Center Parcs

Cool Factor: Wild Water rafting

Race along the wild river and face the aquatic torrents