Le Lac d'Ailette

France, North Picardy, Laon

Le Lac d'Ailette - Directions & map

Le Lac d'Ailette

1 Parc Nautique de L'Ailette
+33 323 25 00 00

Domain Map

You arrive from Bruxelles:
Take the ring road towards Paris then the E19 followed by the A2.
Near Cambrai, get onto the A26 motorway signposted Reims and take exit 13 signposted Laon. Continue along the N2 towards Laon and then Fismes, and follow signs to Center Parcs.


You arrive from Genève:
Take the central route towards Perly then exit 1 France-Perly.
Carry on along the A40 motorway and the A39 "Autoroute Blanche", the A31 and then the A5 towards Paris.
Follow signs to Reims onto the A26 and then the A4 towards Reims and Paris. Continue along the A26 "Autoroute de l'Est" towards Laon.
Take exit 14 signposted Guignicourt-Berry au bac. Turn right onto the N44. Follow signs to Neuville-sur-Ailette and Center Parcs.


You arrive from Paris:
Take the A1 "Autoroute du Nord" motorway towards Lille-Bruxelles, then the A104 "Francilienne" towards Soissons.
Follow the N2 towards Soissons. At the roundabout on the outskirts of Soissons, follow the N2 towards Laon (Chemin des Dames-Lac d'Ailette and Center Parcs-Aisne).
The closest station to the Parc is Laon.
You have to take a taxi from the station to come to the park.
The closest airports to the park are Paris (FR, 145 km) and Charleroi (BE, 219 km).