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Park Allgäu

Park Allgäu

Germany, South Germany, Leutkirch
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Aqua Mundo

Invented by Center Parcs and still unsurpassed: our Aqua Mundo, the ideal swimming paradise. Splash among the palm trees, go full throttle on the water slides or the wild water rapids. Take a spin in the wave pool or splash around with the little ones in the children's pool. In some parks, you can even admire real fish while snorkelling! And all this without red eyes, because at Center Parcs there is 90% less chlorine in the water than at other swimming pools.

Activities for the children

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34 activities Available

Some activities may vary depending on the season and can only be booked via your My Center Parcs area before or during your stay.

BALUBA Indoor Play World Park Allgäu

BALUBA Indoor Play World

Kids Farm Park Allgäu

Kids Farm

Kids High Adventure Park Allgäu

Kids High Adventure

Playgrounds Park Allgäu


Bumper Cars Park Allgäu

Bumper Cars

Kids Safari Park Allgäu

Kids Safari

Kids Make Over Park Allgäu

Kids Make Over

Kids Haven Park Allgäu

Kids Haven

Orry & Friends: Bedtime Stories Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends: Bedtime Stories

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco

Kiddies Programme Park Allgäu

Kiddies Programme

Wannabe a Princess or Knight Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Princess or Knight

Wannabe a Painter Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Painter

Wannabe a Pirate Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Pirate

Wannabe a Secret Agent Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Secret Agent

Wannabe a Gardener Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Gardener

Wannabe a Forester Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Forester

Orry & Friends Show Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends Show

Orry & Friends: Let's Go On An Adventure Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends: Let's Go On An Adventure

Kids Workshop Park Allgäu

Kids Workshop

Kids Klub Park Allgäu

Kids Klub

Kids Workshop: Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Park Allgäu

Kids Workshop: Make Your Own Stuffed Animal

Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow

Puppet Show Park Allgäu

Puppet Show

Pony rides Park Allgäu

Pony rides

Wax Hands Park Allgäu

Wax Hands

Bungee Trampoline Park Allgäu

Bungee Trampoline

Meet & Greet Park Allgäu

Meet & Greet

My own Pony Park Allgäu

My own Pony

Wannabe a Top Model Park Allgäu

Wannabe a Top Model

Orry & Friends Entertainment Park Allgäu

Orry & Friends Entertainment

Lantern procession Park Allgäu

Lantern procession

Pony Walk Park Allgäu

Pony Walk

Fun Bikes Park Allgäu

Fun Bikes