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Activities at Center Parcs


Whether you are on holiday to blow off steam or to relax with your favourite people and leave the daily grind behind: at Center Parcs, no wishes are left unfulfilled. We invite you to come and play, create, care, explore, discover and, above all, become one with your nature.

Family Laser Battle (outdoor) Center Parcs

Family Laser Battle (outdoor)

Together with your team, discuss the best tactics and capture the opponent's flag.

Adventure Golf (outdoor) Center Parcs

Adventure Golf (outdoor)

Are you going to be champion of the family this holiday?

Pedalos Center Parcs


Explore the park's huge lake or various small rivers.

High Adventure Experience Center Parcs

High Adventure Experience

Swing from tree to tree over wobbly rope bridges and adventurous obstacles!

Water skiing Center Parcs

Water skiing

Learn yourself a new skill in the midst of the parks' water.

Archery Center Parcs


Become a real Robin Hood and try archery!

Climbing Paradise Center Parcs

Climbing Paradise

Outdo yourself and climb to the top of colourful 3D climbing walls, themed to games such as Tetris, Bubbles and Pinball.

Bowling Center Parcs


A nostalgic experience! Knock down the pins and score strikes to prove you're the best.

Zip wire Center Parcs

Zip wire

Feel the wind blow through your hair while you cross the lake or travel between trees.

Escape Room Center Parcs

Escape Room

Will you solve all the riddles within the time limit? That's the only way out of this room!

Segway ride Center Parcs

Segway ride

It takes just a moment to find your balance, but then you can explore the most beautiful places of the park by Segway!