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De Eemhof

Netherlands, Flevoland, Zeewolde

De Eemhof - Restaurants & Shops

You will find 5 Mediterranean restaurants around the Market Square: Italian, grills, an endless buffet, quick snacks and a Grand Café. You can also shop at the supermarket, order a pizza or breakfast or have a Table Cooking package delivered. You will find child-friendly facilities and atmosphere in all our restaurants, and we pay special attention to your allergies and food restrictions. Feel free to ask our staff for more information.


Baby Feeding Facilities De Eemhof

Baby Feeding Facilities

Our baby feeding facilities help you enjoy a carefree holiday with your baby. Just heat some milk or a jar of baby food, and your baby will be happy again. There are Baby Feeding facilities at the Market Square and in all the restaurants. They're easy to find, always nearby, and contain free jars of Olvarit baby food, a microwave oven and a bottle warmer.

Beachclub De Eemhof


The Eemhof Beachclub is at the heart of the Eemhof Watersport & Beachclub. A wonderful place for lunch, dinner, snack and drink or have a barbecue with a great view over the Eemmeer. Enjoy the view over our private bay where countless water sports take place. The sunset is breathtaking and simply spectacular, the food too.

Evergreenz De Eemhof


Every day at Evergreenz, our chefs present an elaborate All You Can Eat buffet with a tasty salad, meat or fish dish, and a special children's buffet. In addition, Evergreenz also offers a full breakfast.

Frites Affairs De Eemhof

Frites Affairs

Frites Affairs is both naughty and nice! If you're finding the temptation for a tasty snack hard to resist, treat yourself to some irresistibly crunchy, skin-on fries. Add your own toppings or order one of our delicious loaded fries. We also have a wide range of gourmet hotdogs, snacks, and ice creams.

Fuego Adventure Grill De Eemhof

Fuego Adventure Grill

Flickering flames lend a mysterious aura to the centuries-old murals. Take a seat at a table and imagine yourself in a temple of fire. Enjoy delicious fish and meat dishes, select one of our many tasty vegetarian specialties, or assemble your ideal hamburger in 5 simple steps.

Grabber Joe's Laguna Café De Eemhof

Grabber Joe's Laguna Café

In the lagoon of the Aqua Mundo you can savour delicious sandwiches, snacks, crusty paninis and scrumptious ice creams. Grabber Joe's is a place for the young and old alike, to relax and recharge the batteries!

Grand Café De Eemhof

Grand Café

Experience the atmosphere of the Dutch East Indies from days gone by in a stunning environment with a décor full of opulence, grandeur and memories where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of beer with an appetizer and a newspaper. Whether you are waiting for friends or family in the Aqua Mundo or who are out shopping, time is not important at the Grand Café because we always treat you like you are on holiday. Feel like enjoying a snack? You can choose from a variety of sandwiches, salads and hot dishes available on our menu.

Nonna's Family Pizza e Pasta De Eemhof

Nonna's Family Pizza e Pasta

Nonna's takes you on a trip to provincial Southern Italy. You don't yet know Nonna and her family, but one thing is for certain ... you will never forget them. Enjoy traditional oven-baked pizzas or freshly-made pasta. Or, treat the little ones to ice creams in a cone at Peppe's Piaggio!

Brasserie Zuiderzoet De Eemhof

Brasserie Zuiderzoet

Experience. That's what it's all about in the contemporary brasserie Zuiderzoet. Come and eat and drink with a view of the rippling water of the Eemmeer. For the lover of the simple bite, but also for the connoisseur who goes for true culinary pleasure. Come with or without children. With small or large groups. Experience it at Zuiderzoet, the spacious Brasserie located in Marina De Eemhof.

Cottage Delivery Service

Shop & Smile Delivery

Shop & Smile Delivery

Toys for the kids, a nice souvenir to take home or care products? Shop & Smile has a wide range of products and our staff will be happy to deliver your order to your cottage. Take a look in the Center Parcs app in the "Restaurants & Shops" category and order online today!

Breakfast Delivery

Breakfast Delivery

Want to enjoy a breakfast without having to leave your accommodation? Snuggle down and order a complete Lazy Breakfast with bread, sweet and savoury toppings, eggs and orange juice. Can be booked along with your accommodation or ordered separately at the supermarket.

Grocery delivery service

Grocery delivery service

Easily order your groceries, before and during the stay, online at the supermarket and have them delivered to your cottage. From a full breakfast, groceries to delicious meals and Table Cooking services.

Pizza Takeaway

Pizza Takeaway

How about a cozy pizza dinner at your cottage? We offer a wide range of pizzas, from Margherita to Spicy Meat, or a tasty pasta salad.

Table-Top Cooking

Table-Top Cooking

Table cooking is like very special home cooking. Whether you choose gourmet food, stone plate or a Barbecue grill: we bring all the ingredients to your cottage, including all the necessary equipment.


Table Cooking

Table Cooking

Adults € 22,95
Children (3-12 years) € 9,95


Table Cooking is like going out to eat in the comfort of your own home. From a table top grill to a barbecue: we'll deliver all of the ingredients to your doorstep, including the grill or barbecue, so you don't have to do a thing.


  • Equipment for barbecue, grill or gourmet
  • Various meats
  • Various sauces
  • Herbs and herb butter
  • Baguettes
  • Vegetables
  • Salad
  • Dessert
Breakfast Delivery Service Deluxe

Breakfast Delivery Service Deluxe

Adults € 18,95 / day
Children (3-12 years) € 10,95 / day


Breakfast delivered to your cottage, including fresh juice, smoked salmon, freshly baked breads, and a bottle of Prosecco to start the day the festive way!


  • Contents: freshly baked breads, muffins, crackers, butter, assorted meats, cheese, sweet spreads, eggs, salmon, brie, Prosecco, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea, sugar, and creamer.
  • Children: activity box, fresh breads, butter, sweet spreads, donut, drinks, flavoured yogurt, fresh fruit, colouring page, chocolate sticks, and a surprise!
Breakfast Delivery Service

Breakfast Delivery Service

Adults € 10,95 /day
Children (3-12 years) € 5,95 /day


A complete breakfast basket delivered to your cottage without any hassle.


  • A complete breakfast for adults for a minimum of 2 people with freshly baked rolls, crispbread, various meat products, young cheese, various flavours of jam, butter, fresh eggs, orange juice, drink yoghurt, coffee and tea.
  • For children, we also have a complete breakfast with freshly baked rolls, sweet roll, yogurt, kids drink, sweet fillings, butter, colouring picture and a surprise.


Daily Foodstore

Daily Foodstore

At the Daily Foodstore you will find everything you need for your stay: fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries, fresh products, meats, canned food, biscuits. All types of food just a few steps from your cottage. Open every day.


Shop & Smile

Shop & Smile

Shop & Smile offers a wide selection of clothing, cosmetics, toys and decorations. Discover major ready-to-wear brands and leave with a souvenir of your stay.