F1 Circuit Zandvoort

It has been officially announced that the Formula 1 Grand Prix will return to the Netherlands and to the Zandvoort racetrack. We are really looking forward to witnessing the first race of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands next to Center Parcs Park Zandvoort. We would like to keep you up to date about bookings during this period.

Formula 1 is finally back to Zandvoort and the Netherlands. It has now officially been announced that the event is going to take place on the 3rd of May 2020.  Consequently, we have chosen to temporarily halt taking bookings for the week from the 27th of April up and including the 3rd of May 2020. More definite information will follow in the coming weeks.


I would like to make a booking during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, where and when can I book?
At the moment Center Parcs is working together with an external organisation to discuss the rental of our accommodations. For now, we do not expect to be able to take any individual reservations for this weekend.

Can you put me on a waiting list?
Unfortunately, we don't have a waiting list. Please keep an eye on the website.