Bispinger Heide

Germany, Luneburger Heide, Soltau

Bispinger Heide - Directions & map

Bispinger Heide

Töpinger Straße 69
29646 Bispingen
+49 5194 940

  • With public transport

    At Bremen Hbf station:
    Take the train going to Hamburg Hbf station (platform 10) and get off at Buchholz (Nordheide). From Buchholz (Nordheide) take the train going to Bennemühlen (platform 11) and get off at Wintermoor.
    Then walk to Wintermoor Bf station (3 minutes). From there take bus number 156 to Bispingen Schule.
    Then it's a 4 minute walk to Töpinger Straße. Follow the signs.
  • By plane

    The closest airports to the park are Hamburg (DE, 65 km) and Bremen City Airport (DE, 115 km).