Les Trois Forêts - Directions & map

Les Trois Forêts

Rue de Bertrambois
57790 Hattigny
+33 354 46 00 00

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Via Calais (train or ferry), via la A16 or directly to A26/E15 (toll road), A4/E50, Metz/ Strasbourg, take exit 44 Phalsbourg/Sarrebourg, then take the N4 to Sarrebourg/Nancy, take the Saint Georges exit, follow signs to D90 Route d'Hattigny, then follow signs to Center Parcs.
The closest station to the Parc is Sarrebourg. The station Sarrebourg is at a distance of 20km to the Parc. From the station the Parc can be reached via taxi.
The closest airports to the park are Strasbourg (FR, 94 km), Saarbrücken (DE, 101 km) and Stuttgart (DE, 222 km).