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De Vossemeren

De Vossemeren

Belgium, Limburg, Lommel
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Aqua Mundo

Slide down the Monkey Splash at 30 km/h from a height of 15 metres. Twirl around a little in one enormous whirlabout and then land in the exit pool. Cool! The snorkel pool exposes you to an exotic underwater world. And do you hear that? It is the sound of the wave pool!

Activities for the children

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36 activities Available

Some activities may vary depending on the season and can only be booked via your My Center Parcs area before or during your stay.

Discovery Bay De Vossemeren

Discovery Bay

Action Factory De Vossemeren

Action Factory

The Children's Farm De Vossemeren

The Children's Farm

Kids Safari De Vossemeren

Kids Safari

Kids Haven De Vossemeren

Kids Haven

Playground De Vossemeren


My Own Pony De Vossemeren

My Own Pony

Pony Walk De Vossemeren

Pony Walk

Trampolines De Vossemeren


Orry & Friends: Adventure Parade De Vossemeren

Orry & Friends: Adventure Parade

Kids Workshop De Vossemeren

Kids Workshop

Kids Workshop: Cooking De Vossemeren

Kids Workshop: Cooking

Bumper Cars De Vossemeren

Bumper Cars

Pirate Treasure Hunt De Vossemeren

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Skelter De Vossemeren


Hang Out, Pool & Play De Vossemeren

Hang Out, Pool & Play

Kids Bowling De Vossemeren

Kids Bowling

Kids Make Over De Vossemeren

Kids Make Over

Meet & Greet De Vossemeren

Meet & Greet

Mini Cars De Vossemeren

Mini Cars

Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories De Vossemeren

Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco De Vossemeren

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco

Pony ride De Vossemeren

Pony ride

Kiddies Programme De Vossemeren

Kiddies Programme

Wannabe a Witch or a Wizard De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Witch or a Wizard

Wannabe a Secret Agent De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Secret Agent

Wannabe a Chef De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Chef

Wannabe a Farmer De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Farmer

Wannabe a Painter De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Painter

Wannabe a Pirate De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Pirate

Wannabe a Princess or Knight De Vossemeren

Wannabe a Princess or Knight

Orry & Friends Show De Vossemeren

Orry & Friends Show

Glitter Tattoo De Vossemeren

Glitter Tattoo

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal De Vossemeren

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal

Orry & Friends Entertainment De Vossemeren

Orry & Friends Entertainment

Pony Experience De Vossemeren

Pony Experience